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The Skateboard Mag Fresh Crops

Stoked to see my photos up on one of my favorite websites, check it out.


Midget and Ugly

So we have two cats who like eating cheese and donuts. The first one we got was really tiny so we called her Lilliputter which is Dutch for Midget. The other one’s name is Lelijk which is Dutch for Ugly. …


Colombian Cartel – Andrew Shusterman

Meet my good friend Andrew Shusterman. He was born and raised in California and his family is Colombian and Eastern European (Russian and Polish). He travels a lot and gets himself in many random situations, that’s probably why we get …



This week I came across this Banksy artwork on a wall in Park City, Utah. He’s an amazing artist who constantly breaks all rules, respect for this guy. If you haven’t seen Exit Through the Gift Shop yet, you should …


Coming in hot!

Just got back from an epic snowboard trip in Mammoth. A strong Pacific storm dumped more than 4 foot of snow in a few days. Our cars were covered in snow so it took a while to dig them out. …


Saint Patrick’s Day

Carolyn from our gas station wishes you a Happy Saint Patrick’s day!


Friendly words in the ghetto

Last summer on the Volcom Brand Jeans Tour we ended up in the ghetto of Milwaukee to skate some handrails. I decided to walk around the neighborhood to make some new friends. A compliment often opens people up to get …


Tsunami watch in Newport Beach

A powerful 8.9 earthquake shook Japan at 2:46 pm on Friday, the strongest earthquake ever recorded in Japans history. This is the fifth-largest earthquake ever recorded and it caused Tsunami warnings in 50 countries around the world. Tsunami-related waves were supposed to hit Santa …


Shane Cross – Ride On

It has been 4 years since Shane Cross passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident in Australia. In June 2006 I got a chance to travel across Canada with Shane for 10 days. He didn’t have much experience skating demos in …

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Flotography Friday with Caswell Berry

Caswell is one of the nicest guys to travel with and an all-round great skateboarder. He drinks 5 liters of Coke a day and smokes more cigarettes than your lungs can handle. Here are a few pics of him skating. …