Volcom’s Give Jeans a Chance Photo Shoot

Give Jeans a Chance is a denim donation program for the homeless around the world. The concept is to put donation bins in stores, schools and local communities where people drop off their old jeans. All jeans collected are donated to local homeless shelters.

This is the 3rd year GJAC is running and more than 1000 stores, schools and local communities are a part of this program. For the overall campaign photo, we wanted to give the viewer an up-close look of the jeans being handed from person to person in the streets.

Loaded with a backpack full of jeans, my friend Freddy Medina and I drove to Skid Row in downtown LA to shoot photos. You don’t want to walk around with your camera hanging out, so I hid it under my hoody.

On a sidewalk we found a girl in her late twenties, rough looking, she lives ‘temporarily’ on Skid Row, we found her in a back alley, solo sitting on the ground. Drugs, alcohol, and life on the streets had taken its toll on her. She didn’t show any emotions when she received the jeans, her eyes looked all foggy. She was ok with me taking some photos of her.

Some areas were way too sketchy to take my camera out so we walked around for a while until we found the next person to shoot in the right spot.

After walking around for a while, we ran into Mark, a 35 years old guy covered in tattoos, he was homeless and sat in a wheel chair. He lives mostly in Skid Row and didn’t mind us taking a photo of him. We gave him a pair of jeans in his size and he was stoked on it.

Below are the 2 different campaign photos that came out of the shoot, for both MEN and WOMEN. These images have been used for the Volcom ads in a bunch of magazines, and for the GJAC campaign flyers, posters, window displays, videos, etc. For more info, check out the Give Jeans a Chance website.

Here is the 2011 GJAC campaign video: