Aika Collective – Photography Print Shop

3 months ago my friend Eugene and I came up with a new business idea and today we’re excited to launch it! Aika Collective is an online photo gallery featuring the work of 15 top skateboard photographers, like Swift, Burnett, Skin and Acosta. Our site sells high quality prints of iconic and epic photos of more than 100 Pro riders. Many of these images have been used for magazine covers, articles and ad campaigns, perfect to use for wall art.

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The launch of our new business Aika Collective has been going really well. Customers have been buying photo prints from all over the world, from the US and Canada, all the way to the UK, SPain, Dubai, Singapore, Australia and Brazil. Below are a few of the articles that came out this first week about the Aika Collective launch.



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If you haven’t already, check out the Aika Collective website!