The Flip Feast Skateboard Tours

Everyone who skateboards has a few memories that really stand out over the years. The first handrail you’ve ever grinded, the gnarliest slam you’ve ever experienced, or the best demo you’ve ever witnessed.

In the winter of 2005 Flip Skateboards and The Firm decided it was time to hit the road on one of the largest core skateboard tours ever. I was lucky enough to help set this tour up from A to Z. The first Feast Tour included 18 of the best Pro and AM riders, including legends and heroes like Tom Penny, Lance Mountain, Geoff Rowley, Mark Appleyard, Arto Saari, David Gonzalez, Ray Barbee, Bob Burnquist and Wieger van Wageningen. The level of skateboarding was absolutely insane and several families and skate crews drove more than 20 hours across North America to experience this mayhem.

I’ve seen a lot of demos and contests in my life, however nothing has come close to the magnitude of these first Flip Feast Tour events. From 2005 to 2008 I’ve travelled across North America on 5 different Feast tours. The dreams of thousands of fans came true at these events and I’m so stoked to have been a part of it.

My camera during these first tours was shit, but hopefully it gives you an idea about the Feast Tour vibe.

Geoff Rowley, frontside Noseblunt at 3rd Lair Skatepark in Minneapolis. There were so many kids inside that the humidity made the floor soaking wet.

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Give Jeans a Chance

The homeless often have a hard time getting clean jeans without any holes. A few years ago we set up a Jeans Donation program at Volcom to collect as many jeans as possible. Within 3 years this campaign has grown significantly and to date we have collected nearly 25,000 pairs of jeans at 400 participating stores around the world. The jeans have been donated to local homeless shelters.

I’m stoked to see how many retailers, schools and local communities have gotten involved to give back to the homeless communities. Here is a poster image that was used to promote the campaign, and below that are a few Give Jeans a Chance videos we made.

To see several homeless portraits, click here