Volcom Canada Skateboard Tour

The Volcom Canada Tour is in full effect with Dennis Busentiz, Geoff Rowley, David Gravette, Aaron Suski and Chris Pfanner, along with some of our Canadian rippers.

Right after the end of the first demo a kid tried a 360 flip late flip down the big set of stairs and smashed his head on the ground. Lots of blood gushed out of the back of his head and I thought he fractured his skull.

The ambulance took him to the hospital and after a night of observation, he got away with stitches and a concussion.

David Gravette battling the streets

Mornin’ grub at one of the many fine breakfast spots in Toronto

Kids were going mental over these shirts

Aaron Suski and David Gravette back each other up. The lane ended up with 5 bowling balls and an angry looking bowling alley manager, good times!

Aaron Suski bs tailslide

Dennis Busenitz skates everything so easy, from transitions to ledges to banks, full speed 88 miles an hour, good shit.

Spot check, where to go next

Short cut in the rain

Skate stoppers are there to get removed

Spot check with the crew

David Gravette, frontside noseblunt

Here are 2 posts from the Volcom site about the tour:
Post 1
Post 2

More tour photos coming soon


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  2. Tarik August 8, 2011

    Phillip, beat it!

    Flo; nice fotos. Great fun we had!


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